Terms & Conditions

1. Order

  • It is very easy to make an order
  • Browse our website and feel free to choose the product that you interested in.
  • click the "add to chart" on the items you are interested in together with the quantities.
  • We will start to process your order on the same day once we have received your payment at our bank account already.


2. Production Time

  • Production time depend on the quantity of your order and their availabilities in our stock. Generally will take 2-3 weeks time of preparation for the items which not available (most Items are available & ready stock)
  • Normally a standard 40ft container takes about 3 up to 4 weeks for production time.
  • At the same time we'll inform to you after your goods have been shipped out already, and the relevant document that represent legal evidences to collect your goods will be send to your residence. this document will be use as a legal document to pick up your goods at the port that you've been choosen.
  • We will monitor the shipment and ensure that your orders are safely arrive and timely at your designated destination.


3. Refund - Cancellation

  • When the payment confirmation is made, no refund or cancellation is possible.


4. Delivery - Shipping

  • Sea Freight will take approximately 6 - 7 weeks to arrive depending to destination.
  • Air Freight will take aproximately 3 up to 4 working days to reach your residence.
  • For Air Freight We normally use : Post office, DHL or FedEx.


5. Merchandise  Guarantee

We give full guarantee for every products that we sold to every our customers, that's mean if the damaged caused by Geneva Handicraft Product, we'll refund your money directly to your bank account with immediately.

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