Overseas shipment

Do you also provide and organize overseas shipment?

Yes, we also provide and organize overseas shipment to all destination arround the world.

What kind of shipment that you provide?

  1. We provide two kind of shipment :
  2. Seafreight shipment LCL (Less than container load & fully container load)
  3. Airfreight shipment (Post office, FedEx, DHL)

How are the goods shipped?

The goods will be shipped following the standard, rules & regulation for overseas shipment, to ensure the goods are shipped properly and safely arrive in your country destination.

How do you calculate the cost of sea freight?

Sea freight shipment is calculated based on the destination of your country and the cubication/space that your goods will needed. and subject to a minimum cubication is 1 CBM (Cubic Meter). It means that the sea freight is calculated based on space/volume, not by the weight. The required time to deliver your goods by sea freight will depends on the country of destination. It will generally take 4-5 weeks to arrive in your country. Such time has included the packing, fumigation, documents preparation and handling and others. Note: Sea freight is Port to Port service only.

How do you calculate the cost of air freight?

Airfreight shipment is calculated based on the volume and weight. It costs much more expensive compare with seafreight shipment, but it takes much shorter time to arrive in the country of destination i.e. maximum 3 - 4 working days to arrive at your residence. Note: Air freight is Door to Door services.

How much does a sea freight cost? And, how much does an air freight cost?

Sea freight cost is depends on the country of destination and the volume of your goods (it's mean no matter how many kilos weight of your goods are, because it's measure only by volume of space that your goods need, not by the weight) otherwise an air freight cost is depends on the country of destination also the weight and volume of your goods (it's mean an airfreight is measure not only by space/volumn that your goods will need, but they will also measure the weight of your goods. Note: We always recommend to customers to using sea freight shipment if the purchasing more than 1 cubicmeter, because it will be much more efficient than using airfreight shipment whiches much more expensive rather than seafreight shipment. To have the details of shipping quotations, please contact us at: geneva_handicraft@hotmail.com

Does the shipping cost include the local tax, fumigation, and documents preparation and handling?

Yes, the shipping quotation that given to you has included EVERYTHING needed, such as: packaging, cost of fumigation, the local tax in Indonesia, and cost of document preparation and handling. Note: After shipping the goods, the relevant document that represent legal evidents to collect your goods will be send to your residence, this document will be use as legal document to pick up your goods at the port that you've been choosen.